“Civil War” Music Video – OUT NOW!

Following the release of Gracia’s much anticipated 2019 single, “Civil War”, is the release of the single’s music video. Produced with Hieu Luu of Sáng Visuals, Gracia stepped behind the camera as well in co-directing the video with her own ideas for the storyline. 

The solo video uses subtle indicators to highlight key lyrical points in “Civil War”, and tells the story of a power struggle between a toxic couple. Gracia says, “The video really showcases in an artistic and very subtle way certain things that I interpreted lyrically. The dark scenes, the red dress, the broken dishes and glasses, to the beautiful sunset that could be interpreted as a resolve to the conflict. I wanted to tell a story without actually telling it in a cinematic experience.” 

“Civil War” is out now on all streaming platforms, and available for download on all major platforms.