Gracia Harrison To Release New Single “Civil War”

Gracia Harrison song civil war new release
photo by Hieu Luu

Recording artist Gracia Harrison has teamed up with Nashville producer Tyler Cain for the release of her new relationship anthem, “Civil War”. Recorded at Bold Studios in Berry Hill, TN, the track is a slightly new direction for Gracia. The former star of the Voice spent over a year battling a nasty case of vocal nodules, but says she is glad to be creating music again. 

With her last release “Boys In A Beach Town” highlighting a beachy spring break and young romantic flings in Panama City Beach, Florida, “Civil War” takes on a more emotional direction.

“I’m so excited to be releasing new music, and this track was especially cool for me, because I had the opportunity to really make it mine. From sitting in the studio for the entire track building process and bouncing ideas around with Tyler on certain sounds, to creating the storyline for the music video and working with the director to bring it to life. It’s been a really awesome, creative process. I can’t wait to see where it goes”, Gracia says on her new release.

“Civil War” will be released everywhere for download on November 8th, 2019. Fans can expect to hear more from Gracia in the coming months, as she works on her debut EP.